tomorrow shelley and i are going kayaking. kayaking! i am thrilled. why, you ask?
because i am exercising my love of the outdoors while spending great time with my roommate.
it will be cold COLD, but worth it.

sometimes i come to my blog and scour my mind for something legitimate or fascinating or insightful or *fill in the blank* to write about that will draw people in. i don’t fashion myself to be a great writer, but the pressing question is:

do i write (actually type) words that are worth reading?

let me be vulnerable some more. i have more frequently been doubting my competence. i find myself doing this most at my workplace. the people i work with are nice, but that is the extent of it. i question how well i relate to them. what is it that makes me want to constantly prove my competency in my position?


About marisd

I want to love well.

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  1. alethea says:

    Maris. Your blog is cool. I see my name. I think it’s cool to see my name. Blogging is cool.I’ll be back sometime soon because I think you are cool.


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