be aware.

pay attention to the tension.

(the disconnect that pulls us to decision-making)

be in touch with your heart-pull.

embrace the tension—love the battle.

“consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, when you experience trials of various kinds…”

we have the decision to choose between the old and the new.

embracing the tension between the old and the new, and loving yourself in the battle

1. connects you to your heart

2. allows you to tap into the freedom that is present because of Christ

we each have a closet of the old–the worn, torn shoes that are so easy to slip into;
the clothes, as ragged as they are, comfortable nonetheless…

our temptation is to enter into the closet and slip into the old.

when we’re tired, the worn, old clothes seem so safe and appealing.

brushing up against our old selves is rough, but unfortunately, it is also desirable.

maturity is being or becoming more and more sensitive to the push and pull–the tension between
the old and the new…maturity is choosing the new and living with it.


About marisd

I want to love well.


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