well, i am at work and working is not what i’m doing right now.

i found a website hosted by a couple of writers, one being donald miller, who wrote blue like jazz and searching for God knows what… the website is


what’s better than free, word-of-typing advertisement for your website?

donald miller and contributing writers gather their thoughts on social justice, spiritual perspectives, imagination, short stories…you should just check it out. i think the website is a work in progress.

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so what is happening with myself lately?
since the start of classes at Emmahouse, and the loss of our administrative assistant (the glue that holds the company together) at work, attempting to be a good wife to my wonderful husband, keeping in touch with new and old friends and trying to partake in and be supportive of ben’s ministry, i have been pulled toward feeling pretty overwhelmed. the physical side effects: tightness in the chest, short of breath, lack of sleep, weird dreams, general agitation, and a spiritual apathy. now, am i a not-so-great believer if i tend to steer away from God when the going gets tough? right now things are pretty tough.

what happened to everything i learned last semester about anxiety? for goodness sakes, i lead a class on this subject and how to spiritually interact with someone who is experiencing anxiety.

taking a few steps back from the paragraph above, i wonder if anything i learn really sinks into the heart of who i am.

About marisd

I want to love well.

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  1. Chad says:

    Maris! You’ve had weird dreams as long as i’ve known you! 🙂Learning something in a class and then having to practice it in life are two different things. Be patient… God will see you through.


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