as we have been progressing through our cultural literacy class at Emmahouse, i have been thinking about how underdeveloped my appreciation for art is and how much i want to explore what and how people create…

i’m enthralled with photography and more specifically photojournalism–using pictures to tell a story.

check out msnbc’s week in pictures and you’ll see what i mean. i’m captivated!!

this is art.


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I want to love well.

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  1. alethea says:

    MARIS!!!!! I just completed a blog entry on this EXACT topic! Are we former roomies or something??? We are in cahoots! That’s too cool 🙂

  2. mckenna says:

    Those are some cool pics…I love that they capture moments and stories that aren’t seen in the media. Very cool!

  3. Jill Pole says:

    Hi Maris – I was just looking over your blog this morning. I love your wedding pics and the art you’ve revealed to me. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    just checking to see if my posting options work….a lot of “zero comments” is somewhat discouraging.

  5. mariscolgan says:

    testing comment section


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