there is something about going back home to kc that simultaneously refreshes my soul, and exhausts my emotions…i love this city, albeit small, it is such a diverse, eccentric culture of people. i’m looking forward to the redevelopment of downtown. how cool! a couple of friends of ours who got married last summer just rented a loft down by 5th and delaware…it is so industrial-meets-rustic looking! i love it. here are some pics below of our time spent with our friends and their bulldog, Bert.

exterior of loft buildings

beautiful, old downtown kc buildings!

more good stuff

ben and i holding Bert in front of the green wall in the loft

Bert and a bull mastiff in city market


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4 responses »

  1. julie says:

    i like it.: )

  2. mckenna says:

    I love the “loft” concept…I think it would be fun to live in one. I am curious about the “…exhausts my emotions…” part of this post.

  3. your pal nadia ;) says:

    hey sweets,once you and mr. d decide to join the rest of us in kc, i’d love to help you get settled into a loft of your own 🙂 i’m getting licensed this week and plan to work primarily downtown.cawl me. we’ll tawlk 🙂

  4. doolster says:

    That last photo is really funny. The big dog is apathetic and leery. But good ole’ Bert is the opposite–desperately straining to get closer and investigate.


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