hello folks. i was doing some spring cleaning and found my creative writing journal from my sophomore year high school lit class. what a blast it was to read through my attempts at writing creatively! i’ve decided to post one of my real short stories, to (if anything) just bring a smile to your faces.

Journal #8

It didn’t mean much to me anymore, but there it was anyway, David Grohl’s chewed, hard-as-a-rock gum I had caught at the Foo Fighter’s concert, accompanying me everywhere I went. I was cleaning out my backpack yesterday, and it was there at the bottom of the bag, underneath all my heavy books and notebooks, smashed into the worn, faded ticket stub.

I remembered the concert like it was last night. They came to play at Memorial Hall and I had “the pit” section tickets with three of my friends. We were so psyched to be right under him; to actually have a chance where he would look at us and smile. The concert was deafening and really rough. There were crazy maniacs flying over our heads in a hectic bout of crowd surfing. The crowds behind us were pushing us to the front of the stage, so I was smashed between the security gate and the smelly people behind me, but I was right under Dave, and he was singing to me.

Amidst his singing and dancing, I noticed that he had a fairly large wad of gum in his mouth, which, I thought, interfered with his performance. As he ran bout the stage screaming with his mouth gaping open, the gum flew out towards me!
Many other people witnessed this, and arms and bodies came my way like magnets to metal. I jumped up, reached out and grabbed it–barely. As I was suspended in the air for a moment, some stupid guy behind me pushed me forward to attempt to grab the gum, and I went in an awkward leap over the security gate. I would have fallen head first, had there not been an annoyed, sweaty security guard to break my fall. I was so startled from being off-balance that I totally forgot for a second that David Grohl’s gum was stuck in my clenched hand! I opened my hand and the gum spread out in strings on my fingers. The only thing I could think of doing, before the security guard hoisted me back over the gate and the crowd mugged me for the gum in my hands, was to stick it to my ticket stub. So I fished the ticket stub out of my back pocket with one hand, pulled the gum off of my fingers and folded it into the stub. I stuck the ticket into my front pocket and climbed back over the gate, gushing to my excited friends about my new treasure, and enjoying the rest of the concert.

The day after my great experience, I took my prized treasure to school and showed it off. I got a few “Ugh!”‘s, but most people were impressed as to how I obtained it. It soon went from my hands to the safety of my backpack for fear that someone would, in jealous rage, steal it from me. For what could be better than chewed gum from David Grohl’s mouth?


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  1. mckenna says:

    What a fun thing for you to run across! The picture this story created in my mind definitely made me smile!


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