so, in recent findings i came across some interesting websites for those who are curious about travel, ego and tribes.

This is a spectacular advertising campaign created by Volkswagen to premier their 2007 Passat, I believe…their premise: everything we come into contact with on a daily basis emits ego (“invisible, colorless, hard-to-define ‘ego’ wafts from our shoes, haircuts, turns of phrase, cars, bars, guitars, eyeglasses, attitudes and so on…”) They have taken the time to rate almost everything under the sun in how much ego it emits on a scale of 0-100ee (ego emissions). I found the abridged version in Traveler Magazine, but you can find the entire listing at the website above. Have fun!

random ratings:
a penny: 27ee
dance floor: 60ee
church bell: 39ee
atomic bomb: 99ee
freckle: 34ee
inhaler: 5ee

the next is for those of you itching to take a year off and travel. this website offers resources compiled from opportunities around the world to do practically everything.

“Your complete guide of taking time out”


my last website of note is a new phenomenon of an idea that marries community building/growth with tourist travel and “roughing it”. I caught site of it in USA Today. Basically, you sign up for a time-slot on an island called Vorovoro in Figi’s archipelago that has been leased out by a couple of Brit’s for the sake of building a tribal community of people from all over the world who have pre-established friendships in the online community. You meet your fellow travelers online before flying to your destination for a week, two or three weeks and partake in building a resort/tribe, eating food prepared by tribal island women and camping out under the stars with gear you bring. during the days you can involve yourself in community building activities that entail building eco-friendly toilet systems, permanent lodging, catching dinner, etc. there is so much more to this, but you’ll have to browse the website to see.

check it out:

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    it was fun to see you guys for a second this weekend! 🙂


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