I’ve been neglectful of my blog lately…life is happening and I’m not recording it!
being a barista is hard but worth it. blue stem is a great place to work. only working part-time frees me up to do what I love…meeting with people and sharing life/truth/grace/laughs with them. I love my one-on-one times with my two Japanese friends…I love my time with Judy and with Kelly. I’m a self-proclaimed relationship builder and I love it.

Jambo is coming to Manhattan tonight. Ben and I went to walmart late last night and bought a collar, food/water dish, leash, puppy pee-pads, milkbone treats, chew toys and a little stuffed piglet for her to sleep with. you could say we’re looking forward to having her join our family. We don’t officially get her until we move, but some good friends of ours are taking care of her here in Manhattan while we patiently wait until December.

more to come soon….cheers.

About marisd

I want to love well.


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