My blog is turning into a ghost blog…I don’t want that to happen! Ben and I went home to KC for Easter Sunday to visit my family. My aunt and cousin came in from San Diego and my sis and her husband graced us with their presence. My cousin Steve had one radio earbud in his ear the whole afternoon, listening to the Royals get whomped. We ate picnic style…cold breaded chicken, broccoli bacon salad, fresh fruit, dill deviled eggs, potato salad, appatizers galore and ice cream cake for desert, celebrating my cousin Beth’s 27th birthday.

When we sat down to eat in the past, we used to have all the kids at one table and all the adults at another. Now, the youngest “kid” is about to graduate high school in May, so my mom (the matriarchal head of the family) told us all to sit wherever. It ended up being kids at one table and adults at the other. I guess old habits die hard.

Alcohol is another central activity to our time together as a family. I don’t know if it’s because we’re Catholic or Irish…or both….or neither. There is never an occasion where alcohol is not present and consumed. Ben and I don’t really have issues with this, although some people in our family never fail to have one too many.

Some people in our family give out Easter gifts. It’s usually my mom and my aunt that give little things to the kids (remember, the youngest kid is eighteen…and the oldest is 31…). Last year it was a bunny made of chocolate, an egg ornament and lip gloss. This year it was a stuffed fluffy bunny, soap on a rope, and a pearl necklace from Hawaii (thanks to my aunt who went there on vacation. If anyone thinks it is weird that we give gifts on Easter, then so be it. I appreciate the thoughfulness of my aunt and my mom:)

What I like most about our gatherings is how long family stays at our home telling stories and talking about really anything under the sun. Family starts rolling in after church around twelve or one pm and no one really leaves until seven or eight pm in the evening. Early evening conversations well after the meal are the best because of the loopy family members. Everyone seems to laugh harder and longer. Jambo was the center of attention this Easter because she jumped up and grabbed a piece of cold breaded chicken off the table and ran across the kitchen with it. My mom shreiked like there was a rodent chasing her, and it took three people to catch Jambo and dislodge the chicken that she was holding onto (jaws clenched shut) for dear life. We’ll all be talking about this incident years from now….”Remember when Jambo ate that chicken off the table…”

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