*I bought my second pair of Birkenstocks yesterday. I don’t feel any closer to being a hippie though.
**I am excited about baseball opening day for Royals, Red Sox and the Cubs!
***I need to start using my camera again. I miss taking photos.
****Ben and I are going to paint our living soon!
*****We’re looking for a tenant for our downstairs apartment. Anyone interested? Let’s talk.
******I can’t wait to start riding my bike to work with my Birkenstocks on.


About marisd

I want to love well.

2 responses »

  1. lauren h. says:

    hi maris!! it was great seeing you today..hopefully i’ll be seeing more of you in the future.🙂

  2. bendeaver says:

    Sweetie! I like your birks and I love you. I want to see more posting from you because it’s fun to read but I know you got that morning sickness and all. Yipee!


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