It has been too long! I find that this is how I start many posts on my blog, which means I don’t update enough! Going part time at work (as many of you would agree) has been a huge burden off my shoulders. I have felt like a social recluse for so long.

It’s time to start reconnecting with people and rejuvenating my soul! I want this transition to be a fast one, but what I’m realizing in this context of my life is that this transition is a slow process…taking small steps, moving towards change. I thought that immediately after going part time, my energy would bounce back, my fatigue would melt away and I would be ready to meet with all sorts of people, partner with Ben in ministry events, exercise every morning and bring my creative expressions out of dormancy.

Talk about lofty goals! I find new appreciation in the image of baby steps, and not only because I am going to be a mother by the end of the year. A little child doesn’t wake up one morning and start walking. It takes time and patience and one little step, plop on the butt, crawl, pull up to standing position and another little step at a time.

About marisd

I want to love well.

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  1. R.W. Shipshape says:

    It’s nice to hear from you via blogging. And remember, if you’re achin’ to get out, you KNOW I’m always up for seeing your lovely face (and growing belly).

  2. Liam says:

    As Tolkien said, “Little by little, we travel far.” Glad you showed up to the page.

  3. GSaritaC says:

    hello lady,you’re a beautiful mama. keep on taking those baby steps, it takes practice! let’s have a leisurely walk sometime soon, ok? luv u, `s


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