So around 40 days left until little baby girl enters the world. She’ll come either by her own instigation or through an incision in my uterus– a c-section. I want to go into the labor/birthing process open-minded, but I have to admit I’m somewhat afraid of having a c-section after reading about it and seeing a video on Baby girl is sitting breech right now and though she has the potential to turn, she might just feel comfy cozy as she is. My friend gave me some advice as to how to get her to turn, like place a package of frozen peas on the top of my belly and a warm compress on the bottom, or take a flashlight and slowly move the beam at point blank range from the top of the belly to the bottom. Eating jello is an option, but I forget why…and standing upside down in a swimming pool just might make her turn.

Back to having a c-section…I know plenty of women who have braved the c-section either planned or emergency that have come out well with healthy babies. There is no reason for me to be afraid given the info above, but something in general about major surgery fuels my anxiety. If you think about it, pray that she turns.


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  1. Athena says:

    Have you tried any of those options? The flashlight one sounds legit to me. Right now, I am asking that she turns.

  2. R.W. Shipshape says:

    Whoa! I hope those things work–interesting tips! Good luck my dear. I hope she pops out the old-fashioned way!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Hey friend. WOW!!! 40 days. It’s coming on so fast (well…for me anyways). I certainly don’t want to give advice in the midst of fears…buuuut, have you considered having a doula work with you? I have two friends who are doulas and I have heard lots of stories of turnin’ those bum-leading babies around. Let me know if you want any names. And…I’ll certainly pray for you right this minute!

  4. Correnta says:

    There are some exercise suggestions in the What to Expect when your expecting that suggest they may help turn a breech baby, who knows if they work.I ended up having a c-section very unexpectedly on Sept 6th, so not long ago. Labor was going fine, baby was good and then she had some heartrate concerns so Doc went for the c-section. I went into my labor pretty open minded but after reading about labor & delievery and then about c-sections I looked up at Adam one night and said, Oh my…I pray I never have a C-section, it does not sound pleasent. 🙂 I consider myself a total whimp and was surprised at how the c-section really didn't seam that bad at all.Hope this is encouraging. You can call me if you want me to tell you how it felt to have a c-section it may seem less scary to you. Facebook me or Jenni has my number, if you want. Bottom line…You will do AWESOME! And when the time comes you will be ready and calm, I'm sure of it.

  5. manhattandoula says:

    Hi there! For what it’s worth, here’s some of my perspective on cesareans and babies who are sitting breech. I’ve attended a few cesareans recently — all unplanned, as these mamas really wanted to have vaginal births. I think one of the hardest things for these moms is that given our healthcare/litigation culture, a subsequent vaginal birth is unfortunately probably not going to happen, unless they go to a birth center or have a homebirth. I’ve talked to different people who felt it was harder to get started breastfeeding or bond with their baby, and to that I would say, those are the times that nurses really need to make an effort to help the mother (or the mom or the dad can work harder at asking for what they need). One thing I’m sure of: You will make the very best decisions you can with what you’ve been given.I don’t know if it will make you feel any better, but there is evidence that some babies need to be in that position because of the way the umbilical cord winds around inside their little space; also that breech babies have quite wonderful, strong personalities :). So if you give your best shot at turning her around and she still insists on being breech, maybe she knows exactly what she’s doing. 🙂Besides the funny flashlight trick and the peas/warm compress thing — and water, which is good because it helps ameliorate the pull of gravity — you can also try some different physical positions (this is a good list: Your doctor might suggest an external version — I’ve heard they are uncomfortable, but might be worth it if they work — which they do about half the time.Oh — one more thing: If you do give birth via c-section, it’s still a birth. It is still miraculous to (sort of) see your baby emerge, and you can still ask for things to be done in a way that makes it special (like ask to have the baby brought near you on the operating table so you can kiss her, ask to take pictures, send Dad with her if she has to go to the nursery — this happens frequently with babies born via c-section). No matter what happens, it will still be wondrous to meet your baby for the first time, and she will still be so glad to meet you.And I agree with Correnta — you will do AWESOME! 🙂


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