Okay, I have to brag. I’m so excited about this. When we went in to the obgyn’s office to get our 3D sonogram, we had to sign off on a waiver that explained the sonogram was for entertainment purposes only and could be used in future advertising materials. Well, when we went into the office a couple weeks ago, our baby girl’s 3D image was displayed all over the office in little black picture frames! (The picture didn’t have our names or anything, which is probably better…) But it was so cool to see her little face as we walked around the office! Subsequently, we went into Hey Baby to look at some things and her little face was in a frame on their purchase counter, advertising the 3D sonograms for our doctor’s office! It was so cool.
Our baby is a poster child and she’s not even born yet! Okay, proud mom bragging will stop now…
Update: baby girl still hasn’t turned, but Ben and I are open minded about whatever type of delivery experience we have…we hope for the best (healthy baby), and will take in stride whatever comes our way.


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  1. carmen says:

    She is bound to be quite the photogenic little entertainer! No doubt you were proud to unexpectedly see her little face on display. I’m praying for you all as you head towards her arrival…may you see God orchestrating it all in His way.

  2. R.W. Shipshape says:

    A poster child for “model” behavior. That is hilarious AND fabulous. I love it. Did you tell the Hey Baby folks that she was yours?


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