Wow, three posts in one day! This is a record for me! After dropping coin on a real fir tree last year from the tree lot across the street from us, we decided to be economical this year and purchase an “investment piece” (aka fake Christmas tree). Ben makes fun of me when I try to pass things I want to buy as investment pieces, like the mirror hanging up over our sofa in our living room, or bedroom furniture (obviously investment pieces) which we haven’t quite acquired yet. Anyway, we bought a 6-foot Appalachian tree from K-mart for 50% off! I think they had the best selection of the stores we searched–Walmart, Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby, Walgreens…

We brought our boxed tree home and turned on Christmas music and proceeded to assemble and fray out the plastic branches on the metal post. I loved pulling out my ornaments and tree decorations! Each ornament has a story behind it, as each Christmas past, my mom would give my sis and I ornaments she collected while traveling throughout the year.

This is a Storybook Ornament created by a talented woodworker that no longer makes them!

The angel ornament below is one of practically fifty that I have, since my mom loves angels…

When we finished our tree, we both agreed the coin we dropped on this tree was worth it! And, this tree will last us at least a few years…

Now my water can break and I won’t be worried about Christmas decorations. 🙂


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  1. R.W. Shipshape says:

    I just put up some of my decorations, too. Doesn’t it feel good to be at home when its like this? Ah, the Christmas spirit…


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