In lieu of many of my friends doing this, I thought I would join in, although I wasn’t tagged, but who cares. You might learn something new.

1. I love Phish and Grateful Dead. I used to go to their concerts when I was in high school and college. I never got to see Jerry Garcia. He died before I could go to concerts unchaperoned. I settled with Phil Lesh and Friends.

2. I love love love the mountains. I love looking at the ocean but I despise swimming in it. Ask Shelley Faerber-Camba about this and our experience in Indonesia.

3. I have an over-active bladder. Just kidding. Only when I drink lots of coffee.

4. My first job was working as a hostess at Tippin’s Pie Pantry and Restaurant. The restaurant is closed now, but HenHouse still sells Tippin’s pies and they’re mmmmgood. I miss the cornbread and honeybutter.

5. To stay in shape, or to lose the baby weight I gained, I do Yoga-Booty-Ballet and I love it. It’s self-explanatory.

6. I got engaged on the top (the TOP) of Anderson Hall. Ben and I used to go KSU campus “roof-topping” when we were dating. Don’t tell the KSU administration.

7. I worked out at Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Colorado as a bungee-trampoline operator over a summer and couple subsequent winter breaks.

8. I have a T-shaped scar on my right wrist where I broke the tip of my distal radius bone when I was sledding down the stairs of Old Stadium way back in college when we got a snow day for the first time in years.

9. I have been to Vegas twice. Neither time have I been for the reasons 99.9% of people go to Vegas. The first time was in high school for a volleyball tourney with my club team, and the second time was last week to see my sis-in-law compete in the Miss America Pageant. We took our seven-week old baby girl with us. It was a trip.

10. I have never had a cavity either.

11. I want to go sky-diving someday even though I am afraid of heights and get anxious on flights.

12. I love being outside. I love fresh air swirling through the house when it’s nice out.

13. I got college scholarship offers for volleyball out of high school, but I decided not to play because I was burnt out and I wanted to explore other things in college.

14. I can be long-winded.

15. I am a night person and Ben is a morning person. Our best times of connecting are in the afternoon.

16. My top three favorite concerts: U2 Pop-Mart tour in Kansas City. David Gray in Chicago. Rusted Root in Kansas City. Runners-up: Bela Fleck in Nashville, Coldplay in KC a loong time ago.

17. When I was little, I was connected at the hip with my bike. My sis and I would come home from school and ride all around the neighborhood until dinner time or it got dark outside.

18. I love to cook side dishes and bake things. I’m not much of a meat person. I like chicken and pork mostly.

19. I have long conversations with my baby Kate. She coos and smiles at me and I love it!

20. I spent a New Year’s Eve in Venice, Italy trying to converse in French with a boy that made me a friendship bracelet in under a minute.

21. I don’t really like my dimple.

22. I sang in high school choirs and had a lead in a play called Kindertransport. I also played Mayor Huffenpuff (a big ‘ol wolf) in The People vs. B.B. Wolf, a parody about the three little pigs. I never took the stage again after that.

23. I’ve had chronic acid reflux since I was a child.

24. I play piano and guitar.

25. I love my husband Ben more and more the longer we’re together.

That was hard!

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I want to love well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I will never, ever, ever, ever need another swim in the ocean! With you sister!Shelley F-Camba

  2. Lindsey says:

    Ohhhh, that ocean scared me too. Brooke and I got out too far (after yours and Shelley’s adventure) and I was seriously scared we’d be pulled out to sea forever. Very Big. Very Strong. Very Scary. But, I have to say…I’d swim in it again (but with a life jacket).


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