Kate, Ben and I are fairing pretty well these days. Things are definitely getting easier, as we’ve passed the three month mark (the fourth trimester) and we’re getting a feeling for what parenting Kate really looks like. I don’t feel like we’re in survival mode anymore, and “good days” aren’t defined anymore by whether or not I get to take a shower! I have been able to cook more, as I made a great recipe for oriental noodles, (which I will post soon) and as the weather is getting nicer, Kate and I are venturing out more in the stroller! She is a few weeks away from her jogging stroller, which I am soo excited about! She still has the bobble-head thing going on a bit, so the jogging stroller sits patiently in our sun room, waiting to be used.

Kate is in the 95th percentile for her height, which has taught me not to be too emotionally attached to her clothes and how cute she looks in them, because sweet girl doesn’t wear them for very long! She is sporting six-month clothes already–her sleepers, pants, jumpers, etc. are all six month clothes. She can get away with wearing 3-6 month body suits since her torso is pretty normal in size…she just has some killer long legs! She gets that from her dad:)

She is cooing, laughing, making all sorts of noises and unfortunately not sleeping through the night yet. She hasn’t graduated to the big-girl crib yet; she is sleeping in our pack ‘n play next to our bed so I can hear her breathing (let me be a new mom for a little longer, please!) I think we are going to set a date for that transition and stick to it. She turns four months in a couple weeks, so that sounds like a good date.

As far as scheduling is concerned, scheduling is for the birds. 🙂
I understand how it appeals to a lot of parents, sure, but having a “routine” that is really flexible appeals so much more to us and Kate. So what does that look like? Kate and I wake up around seven or eight, feed, play/activity time and then nap time sometime in the morning, early afternoon. Then we feed and play more, have friends that visit, and a short nap before dad comes home! Dinner time for all of us, more activity/dance time and then bath time!! Feeding next and then lights out for Kate around eight or so. I’m getting more familiar with her tired cues and they are happening earlier and earlier, thank God. I pray (pray with me:) that she drops a couple feedings during the night and she’ll want to sleep a little longer! Okay, so all of that sounds kind of like a schedule, but still, I don’t like using that word!

Here are some pics of her for your viewing pleasure:)


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  1. Angela says:

    Oh Maris! She’s growing up so fast! Wow, she looks big. We need to get together before she’s up walking around, and I miss this adorable stage. I hope you’re well, and I hope Kate starts wanting to sleep longer at night.Love,Angela


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