We did it. We took the plunge. We started Kate on sleep training. We are convinced we have a child that is over-tired and sleep deprived. Tonight we went through our bedtime routine starting around five thirty pm and by six thirty Kate was in her crib. Hopefully she will sleep until her first night feeding… Tomorrow morning we will have scheduled naptimes based on her tired cues. Important things to remember: timing and consistency are everything! If we can catch her tired cues and put her down before she is overtired using consistent soothing techniques and routine then maybe she will successfully learn to fall and stay asleep unassisted!

I borrowed the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child from the library yesterday afternoon and have read through 250 pages of the 500 page book in the last 24 hours. Amazing, I know. The author, Marc Weissbluth is a pediatrician that has studied the science of sleep in adults and babies. He says that children who are over-tired tend to be difficult and fussy throughout the day, hyperactive and sensitive to environmental stimuli (this is Kate…)

He discusses various methods of sleep training, but really encourages parents to create a routine, start it and temporarily sacrifice family schedule until healthy sleep habits are established and child is well-rested. What does this look like? Well, for our family, this will affect our dinner routine and weekend/church activity schedule. I’m okay with that at least for a while if we are going to have a happy, well-rested baby!


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  1. Majed says:

    me and sleeping don’t like each other since i left the U.S.
    i sleep around 7 or 8 am and wake up when the sun goes down; in other words, im being a bat these days,,
    hope it’s working very well with Kate


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