Kate is five and a half months and huge!! Where did the time go and what else has she been getting into besides mother’s milk and some veggies?? We are in a different place than when I last posted. Kate is sleeping well at night (with the exception of the last few sick nights…naps are another story for another time. I yearn for the day when I can put her down in her crib drowsy but awake, and she will fall asleep on her own:) It will happen someday, I know, since we won’t be stuck in this stage for the rest of our lives. Pretty soon, Kate will be talking back to me, telling me what she thinks she needs and I will be telling her what I know she needs…

Two cool things happened back to back this week–we met our neighbors on both sides of our house. Ben knows one set of our neighbors from the KSU music department, and our other set of neighbors brought Kate and I a gift for Mother’s Day! When we get our backyard more people-friendly (Jambo’s poop picked up), we want to have a BBQ and invite our neighbors and life group. There’s hope for our neighborhood relationships yet!

Other happenings:

-We are pretty-ing up the front of our house! Ben is working on a stone patio for the area to the left of our chimney. We love to sit on our front stoop with Kate, but we’ll love even more being able to sit at a little patio table with chairs and watch the cars go by! It makes up for not having a front porch. I planted some impatients in pots next to our front door and I am loving watching our Rodadendron bloom!

-We are also enjoying our backyard flowers..roses and lilacs! We cleaned up our sunroom and now use it for eating and relaxing:) We also use it for stroller storage sometimes…we want to use it to have all of you friends and family over for dinner (not necessarily all together), but this summer we want to entertain!

-Jambo learned a new trick! She’s still trying to get used to the new pack order in the house…unfortunately for her, Kate is higher up…

-Ben graduated from Emmanuel Household Seminary a couple weeks ago. I also received a certificate of completion from Emmahouse! Both Ben and I had amazing experiences and learned so much in our time at Emmahouse. You’ll have to ask us about it sometime. Both sides of the family came up for the weekend and we had a yummy taco bar at his graduation party!

-My next post will be fully dedicated to cute pictures of Kate!

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5 responses »

  1. R.W. Shipshape says:

    Your post feels like summer–all that talk of patios, BBQ’s, fresh flowers and sunrooms!

  2. carmen says:

    Good to read some thoughts and updates from you. Kate is so sweet!

  3. Angela Spicer says:

    mmm… very nice. sweet girl, looking forward to those pics of her!

  4. Angela Spicer says:

    lovely pictures, beautiful stoop… can’t wait to see more pictures of that sweet girl!

  5. HannahM says:

    Hi Girl! Found your blog….oh so darling! I’m excited to read your bloglist! Looking forward to more pic’s of sweet Kate!


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