Not Kate this time…I can’t sleep! I had a very thought-provoking talk tonight with a close friend of mine and my mind is in overdrive. So rather than toss and turn in bed, I thought I would send a few emails out, browse Facebook and finally BLOG!

Kate seems to be growing out of her skin, she’s growing so fast. She is wearing 18-month pajamas, a 24-month swimsuit and 12-18 month clothes. She does still fit into some of her 6-month dresses, but she wears them as cute shirts now…crown it! Did I mention she turns 8 months on the 4th of August?

Her current favorite activities:
1. Crawling under the piano bench to mess with the peddles.
2. Gumming any phone or remote control she can get her hands on, preferably the one I am using at any point in time.
3. Pulling herself up on any object remotely close within her reach–i.e. coffee table, her play table, the sofa, piano bench, jambo, me…
4. The game of pulling herself up to standing position in her crib and banging on the crib rail to see if I come and get her (instead of taking her nap like she should be doing)…boy, this one is fun.
5. Dancing with mommy in the living room to her favorite Pandora stations! Kings of Leon station is her current favorite.

I love my daughter sooo much. Sometimes the emotion is so powerful it makes my chest hurt and my eyes well up with tears. I flash forward to the future, when I will embrace her someday and say, “I see so much of your daddy in you.” or “I’ll miss you when you go away to college…” or “Someday I’ll share with you what I was like when I was growing up…” I think that last one kind of scares me. No parent wants to see their child make the same mistakes they made growing up, nor have their child draw conclusions about themselves based on their parent’s failings. (I know these things are somewhat inevitable…) I desire for Kate to experience the love of Christ and to know Him so well that it shapes the way she lives her life, the decisions she makes, the way she engages with people and so much more. She will grow up watching me. She’ll see how I relate to Ben and the rest of our family…she’ll see my relationship with Christ and hopefully we’ll have many conversations throughout our lives about Him. I hope.

Well, off to bed…


About marisd

I want to love well.

2 responses »

  1. bendeaver says:

    I love reading what you write.

  2. HannahM says:

    Maris- you're a great mom, and how amazing that Kate know's the face of Christ already…through your love and care of her! She's going to be one sharp, Godly, grown up lady someday!


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