I told Ben I would run in a race in KC on Thanksgiving. He signed himself up and asked me if I wanted to run as well. I believe myself to be more enamored by the thought of running a race, than actually training for it and running. Well, Ben called me out on this and I have decided to commit to the race! Training for it and everything. Granted, it’s only a 5k, and it’s in a little more than a month, but everyone starts somewhere, right?

I kept telling myself that as I was deeply inhaling the fumes from cars passing me by, the 30+ mph winds pushing me back, really fit, in shape runners kicking up dust into my face as they passed me by, and my earbuds continuously popping out of my ears as I tried to run a couple laps around city park. Everyone starts somewhere.

My friend Shelby is leaving next Thursday to run the Chicago marathon. She’s had an amazing journey leading up to the marathon–you can check out her adventures here. I have been honored to be a part of her journey thus far, riding my bike with her as she ran one of her long runs a few weekends ago. Twelve miles is surprisingly easy when riding a bike next to someone who is running! Shelby started somewhere a long time ago and there has been incredible change in many facets of her life because of it.

After my run yesterday, I felt really good. I’ve started and as of now, there is no turning back. I’ve started this commitment somewhere in my life: a stay-at-home mom who is trying to shed the remains of her baby weight, a wife who is eager to look good for her husband, a person who is wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and be good to her body… Maybe this commitment will be the catalyst for other more creative endeavors. (Like blogging more often…) Let’s hope so!

Note: I have much grace for you, those of you out there that are wanting to pursue something but don’t know how to start. It’s not too late! Everyone starts somewhere in life. A mark in the journey.

I’ll talk about endings another day.


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  1. R.W. Shipshape says:


  2. Mom says:

    maris – you do the 5k & i’ll do the 2 mile on the mini-tri then we can rejoice together

  3. Shelby says:

    I like it;) I just read this! Thanks for the shout-out and encouraging me, even as I read over it now to keep my eyes fixed on “the road ahead” 🙂


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