Throughout the year, Ben and I surprise each other with small gifts here and there, things we know each has their eye on.  When Christmas time rolls around, the gifts given aren’t huge or grandois necessarily, but a continuation of what we do all year.  So this Christmas, Ben got me four bottles of wine that we could now check off our list of wines we want to try! Many of these wines on our list are there purely out of how interesting the label on the bottle is. (Like a book and its cover, I think judging a wine by its label is an unwise move, but we do it anyway!!!)

One of these wines, Three Blind Moose Merlot (2006) we popped open the other night and were pleasantly surprised.  We are no experts here….we are entry-level wine drinkers at best.  (Despite a seminar on all things wine we attended on our cruise:) This particular Merlot, both Ben and I enjoyed with my Mom’s delicious spaghetti sauce recipe!


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