I have been taking pics of Kate with my cellphone because our computer storage capacity is close to being used up and I can’t upload pics from my digital camera! So the phone cam will have to do.

Kate has been sooo fun to play with and be around! Our next door neighbor and good friend, T and her baby MC are learning Baby Signing Time. Kate and I hang out with them quite a bit and we have started borrowing the sing along/sign along DVD’s. Kate loves them and I do too!  The great woman behind this program is named Rachel Coleman.  She sings and signs all of the songs on the DVDs and other curriculum.  This program is the official signing learning program of ASL.  Rachel just became a sponsored athlete for Athleta! So awesome! I wish I could be a sponsored athlete for a cool company:)  I think I need to start doing something more athletic first, besides the home rebounder and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred program, right???

Anyway, Kate is signing for many things including “eat”, “drink”, “all done”, “milk”, “bedtime”, “dog”, “more”, “baby”, and others!  Here is a pic of her sitting on our coffee table (my little monkey) during Baby Signing Time!

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  1. Shelby says:

    Mom has a mom and that’s my GRANDMA! DAD has a Dad and that’s my GRANDPA! 🙂 ahh, baby baby baby signing time!


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