These are sweet pictures of Kate I have taken recently.  She loves being outside, even when it’s only 18 degrees out! She loves her bath times and any time involving playing with water:)

We sing together, we play hide and seek, we color and watch Baby Signing Time–we sound out words, right now her favorite sayings are “Oh, wow!”, “Hiiiiii!!” and “Hi wa-wa” (for her Aunt Sarah:)

Her molars are coming in, but besides a bit of rash and chewing on her thumb, she is doing great with these big teeth pushing their way through! Her hair is finally coming in…at least in the back.

We went with our neighbor T and her baby MC to the 18-36 mo. baby reading time at the library yesterday and Kate did so well sitting on my lap reading through a story with me.  (Well, not without a snack to which the library helper asked if her hunger was “satiated” after a few minutes because they don’t allow food or drink…I thought it was funny) I love watching her interact with other kids around her age! She is such a curious little girl!

Enjoy these pics!

hide and seek

playing with MC

going down the slide!

eating with a spoon

foregoing the spoon:)

playing in the sink, helping me wash her sippy cups!


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  1. Kelly says:

    I want to see her in person!


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