Ben and I have a basic digital camera, but we are in the market for a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.  Specifically, the Nikon D90 with a zoom lens and prime lens.

With this camera, I will be able to do so much more of what I want to do!  That is, capture moments with Kate, take pictures of our family to hang on the walls of our home, be the family photographer at holiday events, take pictures for Ben at various ministry events…and so much more! This particular camera is perfect for those wanting a professional-like camera without being a professional photographer :).  I’m excited.

For those of you that have DSLR’s out there, what type of camera do you have and why do you like it? (I guess this question goes out to all three of my readers…:)

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  1. Nate Dillon says:

    I’ve heard good things about the new Canon Rebel T2i. It is supposed to do much better video than the Nikon cameras. I’ve also heard it has about the same performance of a Canon 7D due to a similar (or the same) image sensor.

  2. Majed says:

    this is a cool camera, but you may wanna think about the new generation ,,

  3. marisd says:

    good info to know about other cameras! I haven’t made my final decision yet, but the Rebel T2i is looking pretty sweet (and the price tag is better, too!)

  4. carmen says:

    Hey! How fun to get a great camera! I just wanted to comment to let you know you likely have more than 3 readers! 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    I have a D60 and am really happy with it. Fewer MP than the D90 I think but photos turn out great – even when I’m lazy and set it on Auto 🙂

    I have found that people are much more excited to have their picture taken when it’s with a “serious” camera. Definitely fun to capture all the moments in life (both the normal-special and extra-special ones) in a beautiful way.

  6. Courtney G says:

    I have a Cannon SX10, which I love. But, if you want to attach a zoom lens, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have that option. The camera itself has a 20x optical zoom, which is fine for me. If you ever read Dan’s blog, pretty much all the pics on there were taken with my camera.

    PS- I signed up at the Kashi website yesterday!


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