This past Easter weekend Ben, Kate and I stayed in Manhattan instead of going to KC or Augusta to celebrate with our families.  Ben had a seminar on Saturday and then we watched the one-year-olds in the nursery at church on Sunday.  It was a hoot!  We had six kids crying at once but after fifteen minutes everyone was happily listening to Raffi and coloring.  We took them outside to participate in an Easter egg hunt in which tons of eggs were just scattered over a small patch of grass and a big basket was centered in the patch for kids to pick up the eggs and drop them in.  It was great except Kate kept wanting to run off into the adjacent field.  She takes after her mama.

We then went to Easter lunch at the Tri Delta house.  It was so fun for me to reminisce on my college memories and have current friends share in parts of my college life that most of them were not around for.  I came to faith in Jesus Christ in the Tri Delta house and I was able to stand in the place that happened and share my story with some international friends of ours.  What great nostalgia!  It was especially fun letting Kate prance around the house and see where her mama spent half of her college career:)  Here is a picture of me and Kate below at the sorority house.  I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


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