We went to a beautiful wedding of some good friends of ours a few weekends ago and I am so glad that our friend posted the video of what went down at the reception.  The close friends of the groom played rock songs from the seventies and eighties and it was hilarious.  One particular friend, Zach, was called up onto stage to sing a song by his idol, Bruce Springsteen, “Born in the USA”.  If you know Zach, you have to understand what a big deal this is.  He knows every Bruce song there is, and will sing it for you on command!  When he worked at the Bistro, you could walk in, and before even looking in the direction of the counter, know who was working by the songs being sung behind the counter.  It’s pretty impressive, his love for Bruce and his songs.

Below is Zach in action, doing what he loves. I hope you at least appreciate it a bit, seeing someone live out what they love.  Ben is on keys.


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