Kate was picked up yesterday by Maga and Papa Deaver so they could take a four day excursion to North Platte, Nebraska to see Ben’s grandma.  I totally trust Terry and Karen to try to keep to Kate’s routine, but mine is totally screwed up! What do I do?

Well, actually, there are lots of things I’ll be doing until Kate gets back Thursday. Here are some:

1. Change oil filter in car (take it to be changed, not change it myself!)

2. Finish laundry (for the first time since I’ve had Kate)

3. Clean the sunroom and pot some of the plants in there

4. Blog more!

5. Help Ben with ACMI logistical tasks (this should be number one)

6. Plan out recipes for Kate and Ben when I am with my girlfriends in Colorado (anyone have any good easy ones?)

7. Take a nap.

8. Clean out the office (ugh.)

9. Go take a book to the Bluestem Bistro and read it on the patio (with an iced americano, of course)

10. Date night with Ben (without having to worry about a babysitter!!!)

I miss Kate, but I think this will be a good four days!

This weekend is the ACMI conference here in Manhattan that Ben is directing. Busy times, but fun!


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  1. Shelley C says:

    Oh my…have fun!


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