Have you heard of Renee and Jeremy (click on their names for more info!)? They are such sweet singers and songwriters.  I came across this song on a blog.  I want Ben and I to sing this to Kate soon.

ACMI is over! It was great though.  I met some great people and I am so proud of Ben for being a fantastic director of the conference.  I heard some amazing int’l student testimonies…oh man.  My heart is drawn in deep and I look forward to what is ahead for Ben and myself…together.

On to Colorado next Friday to spend time in one of my favorite places on earth, the mountains of Fraser Valley (ie. Winter Park).  Pray that at my doc’s apt, June 9–two days before I leave for CO–that doc clears me for mountain activities like white water rafting and at least some biking–I can’t take the arm sling anymore!! 🙂

Hope you all are having a restful and fun Memorial Day.

*When you get a chance, hop on over to my photo blog. Cheers!*


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