We painted pumpkins today! We got them from the Pumpkin Patch Arts and Crafts Fair at Cico Park this afternoon.  It was Kate’s first time painting with a brush, and she ate it up (not literally…well, she did have paint all around her mouth which leads me to believe she might have been?)

Anyway, Kate was enthralled with the colors and her brush!

Kate is an artist in the making.

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  1. MaGaw Deaver says:

    Yes she is an artist! And her pumpkin is very beautiful. Someone else in the house is an artist too, I see….

  2. Ben Deaver says:

    Why didn’t you post a picture of “My Son”?

  3. Katie says:

    She’s looking so grown up! Look at all that blond hair 🙂 Miss you so much!!!


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