I am finally posting some pics again! Our macbook broke and I am having to use Ben’s dinosaur of a desktop computer from his college days (you can guess how old it is).

After coming home from Haiti we picked Kate up from Maga and Papa Deaver in Wichita, KS and drove straight into KC for a week to spend some time with friends and family. We then hosted the Deaver family Christmas at our house on the 26th..pics of that to come soon! Here are pics below of our time with Maga and Papa Haster in KC.

*Maga and Kate making Christmas cookies with our friend Shelby and me.

*Kate just likes icing, I think.

*Christmas morning surprise from Maga Santa!

*She loves the Dora table and tea set:)

*Later Christmas Day my sis, Sarah, came over with her boyfriend Ryan and my aunt flew in from San Diego with her bf Jim–we all had a great time with our extended fam opening gifts and playing white elephant!

Sis and Ryan

*Aunt Christy and Jim

*Ben and me

*Kate and her ladybug sleeping bag from Auntie Sarah

*Thank you Auntie Sarah!!

*pots and pans from mom and dad!

*Dad and his bluetooth!

*Mom and her Pioneer Woman cookbook!

*We tried and I think the family pic turned out pretty well!


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  1. maga deaver says:

    loved seeing the pictures – sugar & cookies, pots & pans & a tea party – what a wonderful way for a little girl to celebrate Christmas


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