Our trip to Haiti was a whirlwind and it seemed like so long ago.

Below is a recap in Ben’s words of how our trip went including links to pictures, video and the Ephraim Orphanage website.  I feel like he writes so concisely and eloquently and I think he encapsulated well what the trip was about for us.  I have to say that my heart was pulled towards the kids that we encountered in Haiti and I was so encouraged by the love Fabiola and her brother, Ronald, have for their country and the future–the children–of Haiti.  They truly are diamonds in the rough and I look forward to reconnecting with them and the kids the next opportunity we have to go back.

“Here’s my ramblings that I sent out after our Haiti trip to our support team. Maris & I had a great time together in Haiti last Dec. 16-19. We weren’t able to personally deliver the Christmas gifts to all the kids because our bags never showed up until the last day. However, Fabiola, our Hatian contact, was able to get the gifts to the kids the week after we left. Maris absolutely fell in love with the children of Haiti. I could feel myself putting up an emotional safeguard as I wanted to come away with clear plans of how to move forward with this project without getting too attached to the kids. Even as I type it sounds odd to say that. I can feel compassion welling up in me for those kids (especially the little girl who held my hand for 20 minutes as we walked on the Ephraim land) but I feel so helpless to help right now that I tend to stuff those emotions. We would love to share more details of our Haiti experience with you as we are able to. In the meantime please check out the following unedited videos & pictures:

Fabiola telling about the Ephraim vision & how the land was provided

Fabiola telling about why the name Ephraim

Fabiola telling her own story

Haiti pics with captions

http://ephraimorphanage.org/ (The website is under construction right now. Hopefully it will be functional sometime in February.)

The following January 1, 2011 article seems to capture some of the tension I felt as an outsider who wants to help in a country that has been in crisis mode for some time now & continues to get hit with new crisis after new crisis. I don’t know anything about the source of this article so take it with a grain of salt. <http://www.haitian-truth.org/in-haiti-tension-builds-against-visiting-helpers-added-commentary-by-haitian-truth/>

We believe God is opening doors for us to help kids in Haiti through Fabiola & her vision for the Ephraim Orphanage. We just aren’t sure of the exact next steps for us right now. Please continue to pray for wisdom, clarity, resources & open doors to take physical & spiritual help to Haiti.”

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  1. JistisHaiti says:

    Opinion of a Haitian citizen – Haiti Elections: Run Offs Only Part of the Solution by Stanley Lucas, see: http://solutionshaiti.blogspot.com/2011/02/haiti-elections-run-offs-only-part-of.html

  2. HannahM says:

    How neat, M! Thanks for sharing!

  3. bettenson says:

    I love your transparent heart.

  4. Mom says:

    Ben and Maris, I love the children! I love the story, your passion and such an inspired mission. The Lord really shows in the children’s faces, doesn’t He? Thanks for all you do! Love, Mom


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