I’m in the middle of reading _Connecting_ by Dr. Larry Crabb and I am moved by the words he has written below about the Gospel, our sanctification and experience with God.  Be encouraged.

p. 12

“Remember an earlier sentence: The absolute center of what God does to help us change is to reveal himself to us. God loves to delight in people. But he could find no delight in us when all the inclinations of our hearts were continually evil, so he made us delightful. He gave us a new set of inclinations. Now, when we experience his delight, we’re not puffed up with a proud version of self-esteem (“Aren’t we something?”), nor do we react with self-contempt (“He can’t really like me–I’m terrible.”) We’re grateful for what he’s made us, given who we were and what we deserve (“Isn’t he something? He really is that good!”).

Good urges are created in us when we’re forgiven. Good urges will completely rule in us when we see him and the belief of faith gives way to the excitement of sight.  And good urges are released in us now as we get to know him better.

Until we realize that there are no legitimate longings in our souls beyond his power and intention to satisfy, all change is cosmetic. But as we grasp how tenderly committed he is to our well-being, we feel more inclined to obey.  Good urges become stronger.

And God delights in the whole process.  He delights in our status as forgiven children welcomed to the dining table, and he delights in what we will become as we eat more of the food he provides.”


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  1. Angela says:

    That’s wonderful. Thanks for posting this. I’m also in the middle of this book, but I’ve put it down. It sounds like I need to pick it back up. I could sure use the encouragement.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing!


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