I have time while Kate is napping (I cherish this short-lived time) to post some pics of her from this winter! We’ve had crazy weather here in Kansas, but nothing less is to be expected I guess.

We are those parents that wait until the last minute to try and find snow boots for our child–we easily forget that we live in a small town where there are a very limited number of toddler size 8 boots…our bad.Kate still had fun with her plastic Target booties though.

Remember when it was warm outside in January!? Like 73 degrees warm? We had a picnic in our backyard and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

My sweetie babe.

Activity time with Kate and Miss J!  Stickers are so much fun.  In a later post, I will share about our “homemade” sticker adventure.

Seemingly coloring nicely.


Girls: “MY crayons.” “NO, MYYY CRAYONS!” “NOOOO!” (Collectively:) “MYYYYYYYY!!!!!!”

Me: “Girls! Share and color nicely or you will have no crayons.”



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2 responses »

  1. Jermaine D. says:

    Ha, love these pics! I picture the snow one with Target booties in a future embarassing wedding slideshow. What great memories you are making!

  2. HannahM says:

    I love the target snow boots too! Way to be an resourceful mama!! Excited to read about homemade stickers- I ‘ve never tried that before!


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