Around Valentine’s Day we (Kate, Miss J and I) made homemade stickers and magnets and put together little goodie bags for Kate’s pals. Making the stickers together was really fun and easy! I let the girls color the paper and then I did the rest.  If they were a bit older, I would let them paint the adhesive on, but at this age it would have been a colossal mess, not only on their hands but in their mouths! Everything you need to make your own homemade lick-n-stick stickers is below. Happy stickering!

What you need:

1 box of Jello, any flavor (I use sugar-free) (you are using 1 tbsp of the Jello powder)

cardstock paper with images drawn or printed on it (like clip-art)

2 tbsp boiled water

a paintbrush or basting brush


*Let your little one draw on the cardstock paper – I drew big read hearts and the girls colored them in.  Or print off some clip art images onto the cardstock

*Boil the 2 tbsp of water and mix the 1tbsp of Jello powder in until dissolved, take off heat and let cool slightly.

*Using paintbrush or basting brush, brush the back of the cardstock (image face-down) thoroughly.

*Let sit and dry for a few hours.

*Once dry, cut out clip art or drawn images and there you have your homemade “lick-n-stick” stickers!

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  1. Jenni says:

    Love this idea. When I was growing up we were always warned about lick-n-stick stickers b/c people would hand them out laced with LSD. I never could figure out how that was done…now I know:) love your creative time with those girls, I am sure they do too!


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