Remember when I was working on a sketchbook back in January for a huge Art House Co-op project?  My sketchbook has been digitized!  It went on tour around the country over the past year with thousands of other sketchbooks and now is being retired forever at the Brooklyn Library of Art in NY.  If I ever want to see the hard copy again, I will just have to visit New York!  It’s nice to know that I can see it online whenever I like, and you can too!

Here is the link to the book, if you would like to see it. You can also explore participating in one of the Art House’s current or future projects.  I’m thinking about doing it again in the future…anybody care to join me?

“Your book is available for viewing here: Please note that it takes about 20 minutes for the entire book to be uploaded to the site, so if pages aren’t showing up, please check back in a bit.”

Or go here: to check out my book!

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  1. Angela says:

    I loved looking at this. I saw a link from your husband’s facebook. Beautiful! You have a real eye for capturing beauty with the camera!

    I also thought about doing this last year. I saw it on Kelly’s blog, I think. I really wanted to, but it was beginning at a weird time for us (lots of transition)… Do you know anything about the next one? How does the year run? Jan-Dec or something else?

    • marisd says:

      Thanks Angela! If you go to or just google art house co-op, you’ll find the website and then the info for the sketchbook project 2012. I think the deadline to sign up is sometime in October and you have until sometime in January to complete your sketchbook and send it back. There are still quite a few great themes to choose from . I totally encourage you to peruse the site and look at last year’s sketchbooks to get an idea of how far other artist’s imaginations run!


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