It’s becoming a “thing” for Ben and I and it’s one thing I am really proud of:)

We try to make it out to Colorado once a summer and regardless of what we are in Colorado for, we want to summit some mountains!

A few weeks ago, we went to Denver to meet with some pretty stellar guys about ministry stuff and took a day to hike Mt. Bierstadt   with the guys in our group.

If you click on the link above, you’ll find out all you need to know about Bierstadt, but if you’re pressed for time or just skimming my post, here are some quick facts:

*Mt. Bierstadt Elevation: 14,060′

*In the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area on the Front Range, two miles West of Mt. Evans peak

*Nearby National Forests: Pike and Arapahoe

*Difficulty: Class 2

This is the route we took to the summit of Mt. Bierstadt.  Elevation gain: 2850′. Round trip mileage: 7 miles.  The weather was beautiful, only a 10% chance of rain that day.

Here is our group at the trailhead for Mt. Evans and Mt. Bierstadt

It’s early.

This is a cairn, or a rock pile that marks the trail so you know where you are going and you can follow the trail easily.  We relied on them more as the terrain changed from grass and dirt to all rock as you will see in the next picture.  The idea is that you add a rock to the cairn as you pass by–and not a rock that was already in the pile (Ben). 

We are close to the summit in this pic (maybe 30 minutes from the top) and it’s pretty much all rocks, and big ones at that.

At last! The summit. It only took us 2.5 hours. Not too shabby! Behind my left are the two pyramid-shaped peaks, Grays and Torreys that we summited last summer.

This is the view of Mt. Evans from the summit of Bierstadt. If you look closely at the top right of the mountain, you can see the paved road you take to drive to the top. The guy in this picture trail ran to the top with a girl that ran in straight up Birkenstock sandals. Hippies.

These guys I hiked with all brought cigars to the top. I don’t get that, but to each his own, I guess.

And this was one of my favorite things: a girl and her dog, hiking a fourteener together. Love it.

I was thankful when we got back to the car that we had such a fun experience with Mt. Bierstadt. I snapped this shot from the car before we got in and drove back to Denver.  Bierstadt is on the far right with the sawtooth in the middle and Evans on the left.

Well, that makes five fourteeners bagged for me. I’m itching for another. Possible hikes next summer: Quandry Peak (Ben and I attempted it last summer and got caught in a blizzard), Mt. Elbert or Pikes Peak Northwest Slopes.

Who’s with me???

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  1. carmen classen says:

    You should try Lincoln, Democrat and Bross. You can do all three in a day by climbing the first one and then doing switchbacks to the other two. It’s a fun hike and you can bag three in one day.

    I would also highly recommend Longs Peak…It’s hard but a magnificent hike.


    • marisd says:

      Those sound great! I know Ben did Lincoln, Democrat, Camerron and Bross all in one day when he was in college. I definitely want to do that at some point. Longs will be added to my running list:) Thanks Tony!

  2. Chris Barker says:

    If you are going for good views, Holy Cross is hard to beat. The Challenger/Kit Carson combo is also a beautiful hike accentuated by a ~150′ waterfall that dumps into a large alpine lake. If you want to do either of those hikes in a day make sure you’re in shape. They’re butt kickers.


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