I am first and foremost (unashamedly) a follower of Jesus Christ.  I am the wife of an amazing man who also lives his life for Him.  Broken as we are, we live among people that aren’t perfect, that don’t have it all together, that are trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in.  We love doing life with people that are aware of the mess in and around their lives. We seek to live transparently, authentically and purposefully.  We fail a lot.

I am a mom to a sweet, rambunctious, curious three year old.  She keeps me on my toes and reminds me of how my posture should be towards God.  I love love love her and I love watching her grow into the girl and eventually woman God has created her to be.

I like to explore and create.  I am curious about people, culture, current and past events, environmental issues, music and places. I am a calculated risk-taker, although seemingly that in and of itself is an oxymoron, but I digress… I take risks when I can be somewhat confident in the outcome.

I love seeing God and spending time with Him and people in the great outdoors.  Something wonderful is drawn out in me when I spend time in the mountains. I love climbing fourteeners with my hubby and I can’t wait to take Kate (plus other kids) with us someday.

I don’t consider myself to be “funny” necessarily, but I do know funny when I see it in other people, and I love to laugh with those that are humorous.

I love a great story. And wine.



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