***ana-white.com Ana is an amazing crafter of all things wood.  She has inspired me to build things I would otherwise go out and spend lots of coin on, like a bookshelves, bed frames, toddler table and chairs, etc.  Now, I haven’t built anything yet, but plans and specifications are on her website for all sorts of projects!! Check it out!

***The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen Yummy recipes from a very popular gal.  Ree has put together (I’m sure with a great team) some fab recipes worth checking out.  You should visit her blog as well!

***Our Best Bites website.  Again, great recipes that are pretty easy and super good!

***Deals, deals, deals!!   Groupon and LivingSocial are great sites that email you daily deals in your area (if you live in a metropolitan area).   We l;ve close enough to Kansas City and Wichita that I am subscribed to both.  Usually the deals are 50% off or more of a good or service…worth checking out!

***Daily Garnish  This gal Emily is amazing. She’s everything I want to be. And she makes great, healthy food.

***Pinterest A virtual pinboard of fascinating things. Watch out or you’ll be addicted.

***GoodReads Keeping tabs on books you’ve read, are currently reading and want to read. There is an app too, so you’re not wasting time looking for books the next time you’re at the library.




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